OHS Part L – CONREGS – Construction Regulations 2014 Training Course

Peter Roodman
December 1, 2021
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CONREGS - Construction Regulations 2014 Training Course

Credible Content

This course has been developed by industry experts to make sure that you are well oriented.

certificate on completion

You will be issued an Accredited Certificate on completion once you are found competent.

Learn at your own pace

This course can be completed in your own time, without the need to finish it all in one sitting.

Fully digital

This course can be completed fully online, without the need for face-to-face training.


A final assessment is placed at the end of the course to provide feedback as an indication of understanding.

Mobile friendly

This training programme can be completed on any mobile device, including phones and pads.




Course description

This course aims to inform the students about the Construction Regulations 2014.

Key concepts covered in the course

Course Overview

This course aims to inform the students about the Construction Regulations 2014.

The course is divided into 31 lesson. You will then be given an opportunity to tackle the Final Quiz.

To pass this course, you will need to complete the Final Quiz with a mark of at least 80%.

 Scope of Application

 Application for Construction Work Permit

 Notification of Construction Work

 Duties of Client

 Duties of Designer

 Duties of Principal Contractor and Contractor

 Management and Supervision of Construction Work

 Risk Assessment for Construction Work

 Fall Protection


 Temporary Works


 Demolition Work



 Suspended Platforms

 Rope Access Work

 Material Hoists

 Bulk Mixing Plant

 Explosive Actuated Fastening Device

 Construction Vehicles and Mobile Plant

 Electrical Installations and Machinery on Construction Sites

 Use and Temporary Storage of Flammable Liquids on Construction Sites

 Water Environments

 Housekeeping and General Safeguarding on Construction Sites

 Stacking and Storage on Construction Sites

 Fire Precautions on Construction Sites

 Construction Employees’ Facilities

 Construction Health and Safety Technical Committee

 Approved Inspection Authority

 Offences and Penalties

  • An active internet connection

What our clients say

"After acquiring an understanding on the matter, my entire workplace has become a much safer environment, resulting in the overall happiness of my employees increasing."
"This course was easy to navigate, even for me with my limited computer literacy. I was able to update my knowledge base in an easy way, all from the comfort of my own home – staying COVID safe."
"This training course allowed me to gain a complete understanding, enabling us to fully comply with all rules. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants a well-rounded overall understanding on what they should be doing."