N95 Mask

Product name: Five-layer Spunbond and meltblown filtering disposable N95 mask

Product usage: For protection

Each product is individually wrapped and UV sterilised.


  • Non-woven Spunbond:

Polypropylene: 97% for Colours, 99.5% for White

Masterbatch: 3% for Colours, 0.5% for White

Basis weight: 30gsm and 50 gsm

Colour: White, Black

Width: 260mm

Roll length: 1000m and 500m

  • Technical specification

Longitudinal (MD): >60N and 110N

Elongation (MD): <100%

Transverse (CD):  >30N and 50N

Elongation (CD):  <100%

  • Melt blown

Basis weight: 25gsm

Roll width: 260mm

Roll length: 1700m

Price R161 per pack of 50


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